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    Foshan  Qing Yang aluminum products co., LTD. located in nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong hi-tech industrial development zone, the company professional development, concentrate on processing, focus on sales of medical equipment, aluminum alloy medical gas equipment, aluminum alloy medical dash-proof hand-guards, cranes profiles and various industrial, building, hardware decoration material products.

    Foshan Qing Yang aluminum products co., LTD., set of international advanced technology level, management experience and years of experience of aluminum products processing, can according to customer demand for profile anodic oxidation, coloring electrophoresis paint and powder coating, sand blasting, polishing tinting of different colors, such as surface treatment, with different specifications of the aluminum alloy production design medical gas equipment belt, construction profiles and industrial profiles production capacity.

    Our company is "high quality, high starting point, observe credibility, good service" business philosophy, for the social from all walks of life and the masses of customers to provide quality products and services. Sincerely look forward to the broad masses of customers at home and abroad the friendly support and cooperation.